Puglacito's story - A Beautiful Year of Living Miraculously with Puglacito and Cancer


Eleanor Kas’s dog , Puglacito,  was a regular Park user who passed away.  Many of us have memories of Puglacito and looked forward to meeting him on his visits.  You could sense that he had hope for the future and, despite his problems, he was one of those dogs whose gratitude and joy for the opportunity to be in the park, with us and among other dogs was immediately obvious.

Eleanor has written a book about Puglacito that includes many of his visits to our Park. The book is: 

The Year of Living Miraculously

You can read a review of the book by clicking on these pictures of Puglacito ~ 


An excerpt from the review:

“When a book with more pictures than words causes you to slow down, smile and ponder the special gifts that dogs bring us, you know it’s something special. The Year of Living Miraculously is definitely that book, and something to smile about.


We were introduced to this book when the author,Eleanor Kas, contacted us after reading about theTripawds Northern California Mill Valley pawty. The location for our pawty had special meaning for her, because her beloved rescue dog, Pulgacito, loved to play at that dog park. For people who visit the park frequently, there’s no doubt that Pulgacito made a pawsitive impact on them.



Pulgacito, an elderly pit bull mix, is among three dogs found in a San Francisco crack house on Valentine’s Day, 2007. The dogs are seized and impounded by the SF County Department of Animal Control where they arescheduled to be put down. In the final hour, Pulgacito is rescued, and makes his way to the affluent Marin County suburb of Mill Valley.

The day he arrives to his new home, he is diagnosed with a severely disfiguring and debilitating nasal cancer. What follows is a journey of heartache and inspiration wherein the author makes surprising discoveries abouteverything from public attitudes toward disfigurement and illness to Pulgacito’s own logic-defying vibrancy and mettle. " 


You can obtain a copy of this very special book by clicking on the cover shown at the top.

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